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Saturday, July 7, 2012

El Fin (mission week 106)

Is this for real? Every minute that goes by is one minute closer till I no longer have this amazing privilege of carrying Christ´s name on my shirt. I would count how many minutes are left, but I´m too busy doing other things. Like baptizing!

This week was probably my best week in the mission. On Sunday after church the sister and cousin of Melisa were baptized. They both asked me to baptize them which was a nice experience. I really love that family so much and it made me so happy to be a part of it. The brother that was baptized two months ago received the priesthood and was called to the young men presidency as well on Sunday. He was one of the witnesses of the baptism. The two girls were both so happy and smiling afterwards. Especially the younger one. She is probably one of the shyest people I have ever met, but we showed her some family pictures the other day and she finally started talking to us. She´s actually really funny. The cousin, Daiana, is also awesome. Her dad is a member but doesn´t go to church and her mom goes to another christian church. But Daiana decided to be baptized and even though she had to do it without much support from the parents she didn´t hesitate for second. She even brought a friend to church to see the baptism.

We have also been working with an inactive family named Barbieri. One brother was kind of active and the rest hadn´t gone to church in years, including one 9 year old unbaptized son. The children have been going to church for a month or two now but the mom never did (the dad doesn´t live with them). We kept on trying to get the kid baptized but they said that they wanted to have a party and a huge cake that would cost 2000 pesos and take two months to make. Baptism is more important than party but they didn´t want to accept that concept. The mom finally went to sacrament meeting two weeks ago (but not the classes) and things changed. We went to eat lunch with them after she went to church and randomly she said, ¨We are going to do Leandro´s baptism next Thursday.¨ We were like, ¨Dale!¨ So the mom went to church again last Sunday and had an interview with the branch president. On Thursday the son was baptized! His older brother started his mission papers and was the one who did the baptism. There were lots of members and others there to support the family so it was great.

That´s about all the exciting news. We are working hard so that all three of them are confirmed members of the Church of Jesus Christ tomorrow. And while we are at it we might just baptize some one else too. Go big or go home. O wait.......

The offices are going good. I don´t know how ready Elder Lowry feels for me to leave, but all birds have to leave the nest some time. He´ll get the hang of it soon enough. Nothing too exciting is coming to me at the moment to write about.

I love missionary work. I love Argentina. I have learned so much and have enjoyed so much the past two years. I can´t believe it is all coming to an end. It really hasn´t hit in yet. Once it does I´ll probably cry or something; but that´s just because I have allergies. I´ve met so many awesome people, had so many fun companions that have taught me so much. I´ve seen people grow closer to God and gain testimonies of the reality of Jesus Christ. The church is true. This is God´s kingdom on earth. The gospel can change lives. People can be born again and become new creatures. That what it is all about. And as I´ve been helping others in their rebirth process I can feel that I too have been born again. It took two years for me to really get it, but those are two years I would never trade for anything. Ever. La Gran Misión Buenos Aires Norte, te extrañaré.

Over and out.
Hasta la vista,

Elder Gardner

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