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Monday, August 30, 2010

Parque Chacabuco Week 1

Well, here I am again. Mondays are my p-day, I emailed last week just because my companion needed to write his mom. I´m not sure how much time I have, but things are getting better. I still don´t understand a whole lot, but I can understand a lot better. Elder Ludwig lets me teach quite a bit during the lessons, which is helping my Spanish (Castalleno).

It´s kinda cold here. It´s warming up since it is Spring time, but I still wear a sweater every day, especially at night. Today it was bad since it was really windy, but it is bearable.

The food here is really good. I haven´t really had a whole lot of native Argentine food. We do most of our work in the Villa (pronounced visha in Buenos Aires) and the Barrio (that happens to be the word for ward (as in church) but it is also a community) and most of the people there are immigrants. So I´ve had Peruvian, Bolivian, and Chilean food. And I hear a bunch of different accents, the natives in the ward talk with the sh but most of the immigrants speak ´normal´ spanish.

Let me try and explain the Villa to you. Words can´t come close to describing it well enough, but if I were to try taking a camera in there either I or the camera wouldn´t walk out alive. There are two main ´streets´ that run through it, they aren´t really streets just cement walkways that cars drive down some times. Each street can barely fit one car going both way if no one were in the way (which people are always in the way). On both sides are ´houses´ that are three or four stories high and made of cement and brick. Coming off the streets are little alleyways that can´t even fit one person going each way. The doors to the ´houses´ are in these alleyways. Usually each story has one room and an entire family lives in that room. In the streets people are always selling food (which smells really good) and there are dogs and trash.

I´m out of time. I have pictures that I´ll send next week and tell you more about it. We are low on time because we went to the Boca stadium for p-day.

Alright, Goodbye until next week.
Elder Gardner

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