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Monday, November 29, 2010

IT IS HOT!! (Cazador Week 2)


Well, it is hot. In case you didn´t know, it is summer time in South America right now. And it is very humid and there isn´t a whole lot of shade out in the suburbs. But it´s all good. I´m here to serve the Lord, I can handle a little heat.

It has been a pretty good week. Adrian and Rocío (the blind man and his wife) are going to get baptized this Saturday! We are pretty excited about that. They are great people, they have a ton of faith and are willing to do anything to follow Christ, and being baptized is going to help them a lot. The ward also has really started to help them become part of the family of the gospel by inviting them to activities and making them more included and comfortable. I´ve really come to appreciate the importance of friendship within the church. It is so much easier to live the gospel when you have friends who are there to help you.

But besides Adrian and Rocío we don´t have a whole lot of people to teach. We have been focusing a lot of finding people this week. Last Sunday we fasted to be able to help the ward with getting members to come to church and finding more investigators. That day when we went to our lunch appointment we met a friend of a member who is an amazing person. He is twenty years old, lives alone (not with a girl), doesn´t smoke, doesn´t drink, has faith in God but doesn´t attend a church. We taught him one time this week and was really receptive. I know it was a blessing from God that we found him. The power of fasting is real, and too often over looked in the church.

We also found a boy of an inactive member who is really smart and really liked the church when he went. We found him because all of our plans fell through on Saturday and we just went to a different part of the area to see if we could talk to someone. Finding him was another blessing. Both him and his mom came to church this Sunday which was awesome! The only problem is the mom is kind of weird. She is looking for a husband and we are pretty sure she thinks we are good prospects. It´s pretty akward talking to her sometimes, but she needs to come to church anyway.

So it has been a great week. God is really starting to bless us and the church in this area. We are trying to be worthy of more miracles and more blessing from Him. Our goal this week is to find a complete family that we can bring into the church and baptize on Christmas. So far we haven´t found the family, but we are praying and know that we will.

It is almost December! Almost Christmas time! If anyone wants to send me a Christmas present, don´t even think about it! It is way expensive to send packages here. Instead invite the missionaries over to your house. Give them lunch, dinner, a cold drink, or a snack; however you feel like helping them. And listen to the message they have to share with you. I know that this message is true: that God truely loves His children and that Christ is our Savior. The missionaries are servants of God, and when you accept the servants of God you are accepting Him. That is the present you could give to both me and to the Lord.

Hope you all have a great week. Keep up the good work!

Elder Gardner

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