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Monday, January 17, 2011

Senior Comp, for 2 days (Cazador week 9)

Wow, time is really flying here. I can´t believe it´s already been a week since last p-day. Time especially goes by really fast when there is some sort of change. And this week I was on divisiones for a few days, which made time speed by.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday there was a mission wide training meeting for all the leaders in the mission, which means that my companion had to go since he is district leader. So Wednesday I went to work with Elder Gómez in his area. It was pretty fun, we did service breaking a bunch of rocks with hammers. Then we visited a few people before our companions came back at night.

On Thursday Elder Gómez came to my area and we worked to together until Friday night. It was weird because he has less time than me in the mission so I was the senior companion for a few days. I realized I still have a whole lot to learn about how to be a good missionary. Fortunately Elder Gómez is Argentine so he can speak spanish and understands the culture very well. He is also an amazing missionary. On Thurdsady we taught five lessons together and found five new investigators. Two of the new investigators were Juana and Andrea. An old lady and her daughter that live out in the middle of nowhere. A member told us that we should go visit them but we never had a car to be able to go. But on Thursday we had a young man with a car who took us (his name is Nahuel and he is waiting for his mission call that should arrive any day now). We passed the last of the houses in our area and continued down a dirt road about 8 more minutes before we finally found a group of houses. Juana and Andrea were there and we taught them a nice lesson then said we would be back Sunday to bring them to church. But Saturday Nahuel told us his car was in the shop and he couldn´t go. So we called a few other members and found someone who was willing to drive us (that was a miracle, that aren´t many people with cars here). We got to the house about 8:40 Sunday morning and they were both ready and waiting so we left and made it back just in time for church to start at 9:00. They had a really good experience except that Juana had recently fallen and hurt her arm and was in a lot of pain. But it was amazing that we could get them there and back again without any problems. Truely a blessing from God.

Also on Friday we did service again. This time we moved a bunch of dirt from the front yard of a house to the back. It was a ton of dirt and we spent about two and a half hours with wheel barrows and shovels moving it. We didn´t even finish it either. Needless to say I am very sour right now. I didn´t expect to get such a good work out on the mission.

This week I really learned the importance of action. Many times we want something to happen but instead of doing anything we just hope it takes care of itself. That doesn´t work very well. We can sit there and hope and pray and have great faith that someone will come to church, that some how we will pay able to pay the rent, or that we will be happy. But unless we go out and do something about it nothing is going to change. That´s why James told us faith without works is dead. I can have faith that God will help me pay the rent but unless I go out and look for a job it isn´t very likely to happen. God blesses us as we put in the effort, He doesn´t bless us in our inaction.

Well, that´s all I got time for this week. I hope everyone had a great week and will continue having the same. Or, mejor dicho, will go out and make it a great week.

Elder Gardner

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