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Monday, February 21, 2011

Searching... (Cazador Week 14)

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your eyes.... Alright, I¨m not Shakespeare so I´ll just talk normally. Hello everyone. I´m back to tell you about the Argentine Adventure.

This week has been a week of searching. Searching for people to teach. It says in Preach My Gospel (A guide to missionary service): ´Nothing happens in missionary work until you find someone to teach.´ How true that is! We have been searching but sadly haven´t been finding. It was a tough week. But there were some bright spots.

Silvia, the mom of the kid who got hit with a rock, is doing very well. A member invited her over to Silvia to her house and we have had several lessons there with her. She has a long time to wait until she can be baptized (her ´husband´ has to get divorced so they can get married) but she really likes the church. Most of the time we just read with her from the Book of Mormon. She has read up to 1 Nephi 8 already.

We also happened to teach a family that are pastors of an evangelical church. They were very nice and didn´t try to argue at all. We just had a nice conversation about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. Then on Saturday night we went to their church to see what it was like. It was interesting. There were about twenty people there and they just did like a Sunday School type thing were they read scriptures together. It´s interesting to see how other churches do things.

Alright, I¨m out of time. Sorry this letter wasn´t too exciting. At least I sent pictures :). I hope everyone has a great week. I´ll be here again next time.

Elder Gardner

"My district from last transfer. From left to right: Elder Merrill (my comp), Elder Ramey y Elder Olano (zone leaders), Elder Gómez (Argentine that was waiting for his visa to serve in Arizona), me, Elder Wray (Elder Gómez´s companion)"

"Lobo. He is a random dog that followed us from a member´s house back to our house (about ten blocks) and waited while we went to the bathroom then kept following us until we went to a house and the mom of the house made him leave."

"Gold toed socks. They never get a hole in the toes.... yeah right. It´s only been eight months and almost all of them already have holes. Good thing my young men leaders taught me to mend socks."

"Me and my companion, Elder Southern. Before we went to go play soccer."

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