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Monday, February 28, 2011

¡8 meses! ¡¿¡Ya!?! (Cazador Week 15)

No puedo creer que ya tengo ocho meses en la misión; son mas que la mitad de un año; ha pasado mas que el cuarto del tiempo de mi misión. ¡Es incredible! El tiempo ha pasado volando.

Alright, I´ll talk in english. We had a zone conference this week and President did interviews. He always talks to the yankees in english when we are talking one on one. When I came back from my interview everyone was praticing teaching. I took my companion´s spot and the other elder who was teaching asked me a question (in spanish, of course) about how I can come closer to God in my life. Without realizing it I responded in english about going to church and the other elder just stared at me (he is from Peru or something so he didn´t understand what I said). It took my a few seconds to realize I had spoken the wrong language. That was the first time that has happened to me. I think it´s a good sign; I´m comfortable enough with spanish that I can´t tell if I´m speaking it or english. I find myself thinking in spanish more and more often. And pretty much everyone understands me and I understand most of what they say.

So this week has been alright. Silvia, the lady we have been teaching for a while who needs to wait for her husband to get divorced, is doing very well. We talked to her sister-in-law this week as well. Somehow her three year old daughter got a hold of a book of mormon from 1952 and carries it around with her all the time. The mom has no idea how she got it and didn´t know what it was until we showed up. God works in mysterious ways... The lesson with her was awesome. She said she felt something inside as we explained about the restoration of the gospel, and she started crying as Silvia said the closing prayer. The two of them are reading the Book of Mormon together and came to church this Sunday with their children. Their amazing.

Other than that nothing too exciting. Except that I officially passed my eight months in the mission and six in Argentina mark. It´s crazy. I can´t believe that the time has gone by so fast. It seems like just yesterday I was flying to the MTC, and like this morning that I was flying to Argentina. I haven´t had the most amazing success as I was hoping in my six months here, but I have helped a few people come unto Christ. And I have learned more here than in my entire life before hand. If nothing else I have helped myself come unto Christ and gain a stronger testimony that He lives. I testify to all of you that He does live. That He is ready and willing to bless you and change you for the better if you will just come unto Him.

I hope everyone has a great week this week. Keep up the work good and I´ll talk to you next week.

Elder Gardner

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