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Monday, July 18, 2011

I´m alive (Loma Week 11)

Well, I´m alive and well. That´s always important, right? I Hope everyone over there is doing well too.

This week was one of those weeks where I was just hoping it would end soon. I would say it was a bad week, but that wouldn't be strong enough. I don´t have much time and I don´t have much to say, but I´ll tell you the best part of the week.

On Saturday all of our plans fell through. We ended up near our house with about an hour and a half left and absolutely nothing to do. I was highly tempted to just give up and go home early, but we didn't. Instead we decided to walk half an hour to a member´s house. We got there and for the first time ever they weren't home. So I was pretty discouraged. We started to walk home and I was just going to give up. But something told me to go to visit a less active member´s house. So we went there and for the first time ever we found him home. He let us and and we talked to him and his wife. The day before their pet hamster had died which made them think a lot about God and the church. They decided they were going to go back to church and had just barely been praying about it about an hour before we got there. When we showed up the husband told us he knew it wasn't a coincidence and said they would go to church. And the came!!

Even when we have a terrible day, God has something planned. Just hang in there and you´ll find out what it is!! That´s all I've got for today. Talk to you all next week!

con amor,
Elder Gardner

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