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Monday, July 11, 2011

Traveling (Loma week 10)

Hello everybody! Hope everyone is doing well.

This week was a lot of traveling. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday we had to go to a training meeting in the mission offices with lots of elders. And on Thursday we had to go to Capital to go to the dentist. Hopefully I only have to go to the dentist one more time. The training was really good though. I learned a lot of things we can do better to help more people come unto Christ.

The exciting news of the week: we had a baptism! She is the granddaughter of some members. A few weeks ago we were teaching this member family and the granddaughter came in and told us she wanted to be baptized. The only problem was that the mom (who isn't a member) doesn't let her go to church if she behaves badly. Apparently in order to punish her daughter she doesn't let her go to church. To me that seems like a silly thing to do. That´s like not giving some one the medicine unless they get over the sickness. But we talked to the mom and she gave us permission. So the granddad had the privilege of baptizing his granddaughter. It was a nice baptism.

Another good experience was the power of prayer. During the training meetings President really emphasized the importance of praying every time before we enter a house, and specifically asking for help to find men and families to teach and baptize. It has always been hard for us to find people to teach here. But when we started saying the prayer and that very day we found a man named Fabian. As soon as we entered his house he told us that he knows that the Book of Mormon is true and that the church is true. And he told us he wants to get baptized. Wow. That was cool. So we invited him to come to church on Sunday and be baptized the following Saturday. He accepted. But he got sick (the weather here is making everyone sick) and didn't come to church. But he is still excited to get baptized in a few weeks.

The same day we also found a family! And the dad of the family said he believes the Book of Mormon is true! Wow. It makes it a lot easier when they already know the Book of Mormon is true. Because if the Book of Mormon is true then the rest of it has to be also. And it is. It really is all true. I don´t have any doubt of that.

Well, that´s all I have time for today. Have a great week everyone!

hasta luego,
Elder Gardner

This is what I wear to work every day. It's actually got a little warmer, but it's still cold at night.

This is what I wish I wore to work every day.

Ajedrez. I won.

Florencia with her granddad.

Florencia with her sister, aunt, and cousin.

Florencia with us.

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