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Monday, September 19, 2011

¡Bautismo! (Loma Week 20)


Well, this week was pretty good. We had a baptism! His name is Benito and he is a capo. He`s 15 years old and lives with his mom and his siblings. A couple months ago a man we were teaching told us that Benito needed help because his mom is an alcoholic. So we went by the house lots of times but could never find him home. I had given up on trying to find him but a few days later my comp decided we should see if he was home. We went to his house and we finally found him. We taught him a little bit and he said he felt like it was true. A few weeks later he went to church for the first time (he likes to go to dances Saturday nights so it was hard for him to wake up). Then he disappeared. He started working and we couldn`t find him again. About two weeks ago we found him home again and he came to church again. We invited him to be baptized but he was a little uncertain, so we all got down on our knees and prayed and Benito asked God what He wanted. Benito said he felt like he should be baptized! So yesterday he got baptized after Stake Conference. There were also two kids that got baptized from another ward and President Gulbransen (the mission president) was there. The mom came to Stake Conference and watched the baptism, she really liked it and said she wants to get baptized too! Now we just need to help her to really change her life by stop drinking and start being a good example for her children. Sadly I don`t have the cord to hook up the camera to send you pictures, but I will next week.

That`s all the stories for this week. Hope everyone has a great seven days. Talk to you next week.

Con amor,
Elder Gardner

This is us after playing soccer today. The shirt I`m wearing I borrowed from another elder. It`s a ninja turtle shirt. Sweet.

This is President and Sister Gulbransen, the mom, Benito, Elder Palomino, and me.

This is the only picture where we were all looking the same direction. Too bad it`s the wrong direction.
My comp was trying to take a picture of me on the train. But it was in video mode. You can kind of tell what the train is like.

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