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Monday, September 5, 2011

Traslados (Loma Week 18)


Well, I don´t really have anything exciting to say about this week. It was a week full of appointments that fall through and lots of walking. But sometimes you have to have weeks like that. Things will get better soon.

The most exciting news is about transfers. I was thinking both me and my companion were going to stay togethere here in Loma Hermosa or that I was going to leave. But as always, the thing you least expect is what happens. Elder Romero left. I am now with a new companion, Elder Palomino. He is from Columbia. Yep, I get another Latin. He seems really cool (of course I met him only three hours ago). He is really outgoing and already has a year in the mission. A big change from Elder Romero. I´m excited to work with an experienced elder.

Kind of a boring letter. I´m sorry. I don´t have anything else to say. Hope everyone has a great week.

Nos vemos,
Elder Gardner

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