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Monday, August 29, 2011

¡Oh está todo bien! (Loma Week 17)

I have officially been in Argentina for over a year. I´ve been in the mission for 432 days. That means I`ve worn each of my shoes about 216 times, each of my shirts about 80 times, my suits about 50 times, and my pants about 90 times. The shoes are wearing out, the shirts are not very white anymore, one of the suits has a tear in the sleeve, and I`ve had to sew several of my pants back together. Let`s not even talk about the socks. But I`m wearing out my clothing in the work of the Lord, and it is definitely worth it. And so far I haven`t had to sew up dog bites or anything, let`s pray it stays that way.

So this week was pretty good. We are working with two awesome families. One is the family I`ve been talking about for a while. They finally got everything done to get married! They are going to get married on September 23 and then baptized on the 24. Hooray! We have had several activities with them and other members to help them to get to know everyone in the church. They are awesome. And he makes very good baked goods.

The other family is a family from Peru. We found them a while ago and they said that they were baptized in Peru. This week we were finally able to enter the house and teach them. The 14 year old son is a member and has the priesthood, the step father isn`t a member, and the mom claimed to be a member. But when we talked about baptism and confirmation she said she was baptized but never confirmed a member of the church (or in other words, she never recieved the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands). Which means she needs to get baptized again (see Acts 19:1-7). And every time we go over they invite friends/neighbors to come to the lesson too. They are awesome. The mom also made us arroz chaufa. I LOVE peruvian food. I miss it a lot. We used to eat arroz chaufa all the time in my first area.

But sadly, neither of the two families went to church on Sunday. The whole week is a build up to Sunday. All we do all week is try to help people to go to church on Sunday. So it is rather disappointing when no one goes. We even went and clapped the house of the peruvians but they didn´t wake up. But it`s all good. Next week they will come, I`m sure.

That`s all for now. I hope everyone has a great week. I believe school is about to start again soon. So get ready to study! Some one has to take a physics class for me. =)

hasta la próxima,
Elder Gardner

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