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Monday, August 1, 2011

¡Oro! (Loma Week13)

¡Hola familiares, amigos, conocidos, extranjeros, y todos los demás! Ojalá que les haya ido bien esta semana.

This week was a lot better than the last couple of weeks. Mainly because we are teaching a golden family. We found them a few weeks ago, the husband is the cousin of a member. When we started teaching them they couldn't come to church because the husband worked in a bakery shop on Sunday and the wife didn't want to deal with the two kids alone in church. But this week the husband, Leonardo, got mad at his boss and quit his job. It´s sad, but now they can come to church! And when we started teaching them Leonardo was very interested in everything (they talked to missionaries two years ago and he felt that it was true) but the wife, Xoana (yes, that´s a weird way to spell Joana), said she had prayed and hadn't felt anything. But she was going to go to church because it was helping her husband.

Well we went to their house on Thursday and the wife told us, ¨I am going to get baptized in your church, so I want you to explain tithing to me.¨ (the three year old son had stolen my pamphlets and apparently she read them) So we explained tithing and she said a few more times that she is going to get baptized, ¨me voy a bautizar.¨ I was like, ¨Wait a minute. What happened? Where did this change come from?¨ She didn't go into detail, but she said she felt that the Book of Mormon is true. Wow. Miracles are real. They came to church on Sunday and liked it a lot. It just so happens all the talks and classes on Sunday were about the program the church has to help people get jobs, which is what Leonardo needs. Then on Sunday night we talked to them about marriage, since they need to get married before they can be baptized. The husband was thinking about waiting a little bit but the wife was like, ¨Let´s do it now, I want to get baptized already.¨ She´s awesome. This week we are going to go to take out a turn to get them married, and hopefully it will all work out before the end of the month.

So that was the miracle of the week. It was a very well needed boost for my enthusiasm. But now I am excited and ready to go out and testify to the world that Christ lives and that Joseph Smith was called of God to be a prophet.

Hasta la próxima,
Elder Gardner

This is what Elders do when they are bored on p-day.
Yes, those are hymn books we are using as ping pong paddles.

I´m not sure why, but I really like this picture of Elder Romero.

We went to McDonald´s to celebrate that I finished with the dentist.
The happy meal toy was a smurf, I had to buy it.

Those are some big piles of dirt. We helped move them to the other side of the wall. The dump truck just puts the dirt in the middle of the road, then the owner has to move it to where ever it is s/he wants it.

Wheel barrows are fun. To explain a little more: the member wanted to raise the level of the ground in her property so it doesn't flood when it rains. So she ordered a ton of dirt and we helped put it in her yard (her yard is HUGE). It was tiring work.

Leonardo y Xoana in church!

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