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Monday, December 12, 2011

Sacerdocio (Loma Week 32)

Hello once again. It seems like just yesterday I was sitting in front of a computer describing the exciting details of life as a missionary in Argentina. But here I am a week later, doing it again.

This was actually a pretty good week. It started out rough. We did divisions on Tuesday with the zone leaders. I went to over to their area for the day. Instead of teaching and preaching the gospel we had to spend the whole day buying food and carrying it back and forth to a members house who was going to make lunch for us during zone conference. It was intense and I was dead tired by the end of the day. And the zone leader who was my area working with Elder Carroll made a huge mess and got a few families mad at us. So I got to spend most of Wednesday asking for forgviness and fixing some problems.

Thursday was zone confrence. The lunch was really good. We had asado. A lot better than the normal three empanadas they usually give us. During zone conference we talked alot about having faith to plan that the investigators are going to go to church and having members lined up to sit with them and talk with them during church. So we made a lot of plans and talked to the bishop and fixed all the problems we were having.

On Friday we did divisions with the other elders in our district. I went to work in their area. It was sweet because they have bikes. I hadn`t ridden a bike in over a year and a half so it was kind of scary at first. But by the end I was riding like a pro. Life is way better when you have bikes intsead of walking all over the place. You can get a lot more done and your legs aren`t as tired. My legs were sore though, I hadn`t worked out my bike muscles in while. Dogs chase you alot more when you are on bikes. But we just kick them and they go away.

On Saturday I got back to my area and we got to work getting people excited to go to church on Sunday. Sunday was a really good day. A less active member we`ve been working with went to church with her nonmember grandson and her neighboor. Miguel, the young man who went to church last week, went to church again. A less active family we have been helping went to church and the dad recieved the aaronic priesthood as he prepares to baptize his son. And the parents of the family with ten children finally brought some of their kids to church and they loved it. And the dad of the family had an interview with the bishop and will recieve the priesthood next week. We were pretty happy. I love it when people go to church and can then recieve more of the blessing God has for them.

That`s about all the crazy adventures for this week. I`m sure there are more coming. Keep tuned and hopefully you will hear some. Talk to you all next week!

Hasta luego,
Elder Gardner

Alright. I`ll admit it. I`m addicted to coke. Alright, not really addicted. But I do like it alot. And seeing as how I had never drinken it in my life before the mission, that is pretty much addicted.

Elder Gardner on a bike

It`s Christmas time.... What do you expect?

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