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Monday, December 5, 2011

Diciembre (Loma Semana 31)

Wow. I can`t believe it is already December. Time has been flying by so fast. It`s crazy. I hope everyone is getting ready for Christmas and is enjoying the cold weather while I am down here suffering in the crazy heat.

So this week was pretty good. I did my first baptismal interview. And I did two of them. They were both with people who have been going to church for a while and just now are able to get baptized. So they already knew everything really well and they passed the interview with flying colors. It was an interesting experience doing the interviews. It was rather spiritual and I got to share with them my testimony and help them be excited for their baptisms.

Another good thing this week was a young man named Miguel. About two months ago I ran into him on the street and talked to him. He seemed really nice and said he had a good friend who lives in capital that is mormon. We wrote down his address but could never find him home, so we gave up after a while. About two weeks ago we got a call from the mission offices and they told us that two sister missionaries in capital had taught Miguel with his mormon friend and he wanted to go to church. So we went to his house and taught him a little and invited him to church and to be baptized on Christmas eve. He accepted and went to church yesterday and made friends with the youth in our ward. He is an awesome 17 year old man.

That`s about all the good stories I have. It was a pretty good week. Thanks for reading my letter and thanks for your prayers on my behalf. I hope everyone has a great week and gets lots of stuff done.

!que Dios les bendiga¡
Elder Gardner

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