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Monday, November 28, 2011


Well, I have been transfered. I found out on Friday and on Saturday I left on a plane and landed a few hours later in Ushuia, the farthest south city in the world (not including Artantica). The airport is really close to the shore and you can see that iceberg out in the distance, that is my plane ticket in my hand. It is freezing cold.

Loma Semana 30

Well, I`m not really sure what to say about what happened this week. It was a really good week. We worked hard, taught a lot of people, got some stuff done; but there is nothing amazingly exciting I can think of. We have been teaching the same people as before, some went to church yesterday, some didn`t. On Wednesday we had a training meeting for all the liders in the mission, on Sunday there was a farewell for missionaries who are going home today. A pretty normal week.

So, for those of you who are paying attention, today is transfer day. I sent a picture and a little letter about transfers already. I hope it makes it to you before this letter does. Because everything I said in the other letter is a lie. I have not been transfered. I did not go south. I was pretty much certain I was going to leave; I have been here five transfers already. That`s a long time. 7 months in the same area. So I was positive I was actually leaving this time. But nope, I am still here with Elder Carroll. That means I will be in Loma Hermosa for almost 9 months. Wow. Apparently there is something I still need to learn or do while I am here. I was thinking a lot last night and today about why God has left me here for so long. I decided I need to step up my game a little, and Elder Carroll is the perfect elder to help me do it. So I am glad we are still together and hope to make this the best transfer yet.

Well, that`s about all I have to say today. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and ate lots of turkey for me. I am thankful for the many blessings I have been given in my life. When upon life`s burdens you are tempest tost, when you are discouraged thinking all is lost, count your many blessing one by one and see, all the many blessings the Lord has given you (I totally forgot how the song ends, sorry).

Love you all!
Elder Gardner

That is a cockroach in an egg shell. Yes, I am that talented.

It was a pretty productive nightly planning session. I was on divisions in the zone leader`s area. My desk would never be that messy, it would drive me crazy.

Me with all four of my junior companions, all of which were with me in Loma Hermosa. I saw the oppurtunity and had to take the picture.

Me, Elder Romero, and Benito (a kid we found and taught together). It was Elder Romero`s farewell so we went to say goodbye.

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