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Monday, November 21, 2011

Milagros (Loma Week 29)

I feel like just yesterday I was talking about how cold it is here and how I wear a scarf and stuff to go work. Well, guess what? It is burning hot! I get home at night and my collar is soaked with sweat. It is really only 75 degrees, but it is like 70 percent humidity. We walk outside and just start sweating, before we even start walking. Got to love it!

The world milagros in spanish means miracles. It is also the name of the little sister of a boy that we baptized a couple months ago. She is deaf, but this week we tried to teach her a little bit. I feel bad for her since her family doesn`t know sign language, so she deosn`t really have any one to talk to. And the little sign language I know from the hours of watching Signing Time with Shelly and Jason doesn`t help since it is different in spanish. Even the alphabet is different. But we tried teaching her with pictures and hand gestures and writing stuff and it seemed to work.

So on Thursday there was a baptism in another ward close by so we took Milagros so she could see what a baptism is like. When we got there we found out that there is a deaf member of the ward who was there with his two granddaughters, all of which knew sign language! They were talking the whole time and it was awesome. We invited her to be baptized in three weeks and she accepted. We were a little nervous about when she came to our ward on Sunday, but when she showed up the young women were really nice and took care of her and there are even two youth who are trying to learn sign langauge, so they could talk a little bit. I think for the first time this young girl really felt like some one cared about her. She seemed really happy as she left church on Sunday.

That`s all the story time I have for today. I hope everyone has a great week and gets lots done.

Love you all,
Elder Gardner

The baptism of Hector and Estela.

Me in front of the Argentine Congress Building.

think that is Alice in Wonderland. She wanted to read the Book of Mormon.

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