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Monday, November 7, 2011

Hola (Loma Week 27)

This was a pretty good week. A lot has happened. I`m not even sure what to talk about.

First, I guess I`ll start with my favorite gringo mix up my companion made this week. He was showing his family pictures to a member and some one made some comment about how the parents were holding hands or something. So Elder Carroll said, `they are married, they can do what they want.` But he said it like this, `pueden hacer que les quieren.` So what he said would be something like, `they are married, so they act like they like eachother.` The member thought he was being serious and actually meant to say that. I was just laughing really hard. Afterwards I explained the mix up.

Another good experience: We got a call from the mission offices and they gave us a name and an address of someone to go visit that other elders had talked to. When you get a call like that you have to go and talk to the person within 24 hours, according to the mission rules. The house was on the complete other side of the area, but we took a bus to go talk to him. Either the person we talked to lied to us or the guy didn`t really live there. So we thought to ourselves, why did God want us to come over here? So we went to a lady who got baptized a little bit ago that lives close by. I had pretty much given up on her because she didn`t have much interest in going to church again, and I wouldn`t have gone over there if I hadn`t gotten that call that made me go close by. When we got there she was really happy to see and and told us she had decided to go back to church. And she had changed phone numbers, so we wouldn`t have been able to contact her without going to the house. Pretty much it was one of those small and simple means that God uses all the time.

O yeah! I had my root canal. It wasn`t nearly as bad and painful as I was expecting. It was weird though. I don`t like it when people stick things into my gums and pull out my nerves (I think that`s what he did, I really have no idea). I guess it is kind of like repentance. You have to go through a short painful proccess in order to get rid of the long term pain. My tooth feels a lot better now. That`s good.

There were other good things this week: like trimming a tree, doing divisions, getting the family to church so they can be baptized this saturday, etc. But that`s all I have to say for today. Hope everyone has a great week. Stay tuned next time!

Les amo,
Elder Gardner

Halloween ping-pong.

District picture after district meeting.

That`s me in a tree with a machette. I love Argentina.

Now it`s Elder Carroll`s turn to cut down the branches. The branches were growing into the telephone cables, so we trimmed it a little.

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