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Monday, October 31, 2011

Teeth (Loma Week 26)

Well, remember how a while ago I wrote home about how pain and suffering is part of life? It seems like God wanted to remind me how true that is. One of the teeth that I broke started hurting a few weeks ago. Randomly I would have sharp pain attacks for a few minutes then it would go away. I waited for a while hoping it would go away on its own. When it happened during a lesson my companion would take over for me. But then I got called as a trainer and my companion can`t really just take over the lesson any more. I prayed a lot asking God to help me get through the pain, but it didn`t go away. So I finally humbled myself enough and called the dentist and set up an appointment. Interestingly, after I made the appointment the pain attack never happened again. I think God was just waiting for me to do something about it before He helped me. So Wednesday I went to the dentist and he took an x-ray and decided that my nerves are dying. So he drilled a hole into my tooth (fortunately it`s fake so I didn`t feel a thing) then stuck a needle into my nerves and wiggled it around (I felt that part... a lot. It was painful). After he found what he was looking for he decided I have to have root canal. It will be this Wednesday, and I`m not really looking forward to it.

But anyway, let`s talk about the good news. We had a lot of training meetings with the misison president this week. Apparently the first presidency is really worried about `real growth` in the church. Church attendance has been going down while we`ve been having more baptisms than ever. So they turned to the area president in charge of Argentina to fix the problem. And the area president turned to our mission. La Gran Misión Buenos Aires Norte. So we are making a bunch of big changes in the way we work trying to figure out how to help church attendance grow. It`s a big task, but we are up to the challange and have lots of faith that things will get better.

In our ward we are trying to have the members acompany us to more appointments and teach their friends. We had ten lessons with a member present this week, the most I`ve had my entire mission. So we have been doing pretty good. It seems that it really helps the ward grow when we do that.

My companion, Elder Carroll, is doing really good. He is learning lots of spanish and lots of missionary work. We get along great and work well together, even when I tell him to say things like, ´Gracias por la porquería.` He has helped me step up my game and be more excited for the work. Hopefully we can keep having good success.

Well, that`s all for this week. Hope everyone has a great week and take care of your teeth!

hasta la vista,
Elder Gardner

1. My halloween costume.

2. That`s me on a motorcycle in the mall.

3. Me, Elder Carroll, Elder Daniel, Elder Castro. Part of the district went bowling last p-day.

4. We got lost on the way home and were walking for about an hour looking for the bus stop. But we got this picture out of it. Totally worth it.

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