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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Feliz Dia de la Madre (Loma week 24)

Yesterday was mother`s day here. So Happy Mother`s Day to all you moms out there. Love you Mom.

Well, this was an alright week. We didn`t get much done for a couple reasons. 1. my companion got a dear john letter last week and was rather discouraged all week for that. 2. We had to go to do some paperwork on Wednesday. Fortunately they gave me permission to stay in Argentina for another year. They almost kicked my companion out of the country, he has to go to the Columbian embassy within a month to get things straightened out.

So, now I have some big news. Sticking to the customs in the family I have the privilige of announcing a pregnancy. But this time it`s me! I`m going to have a son tomorrow! Alright, before anyone freaks out, let me explain what that means in missionary language. Having a son means that I am going to train, i.e. I am going to have a companion that is brand new, straight from the states. I will be his first companion so I have to train or teach him everything he needs to know about Argentina and the mission. Also, if he is an american, I need to help him learn spanish. I`m pretty excited. I always wanted to train and now I get to. I really hope he is

american because it will be fun to try to teach him spanish.

And the other weird news is that my old companion, Elder Palomino, didn`t go very far away. He went about twenty minutes away. And he is in my district. And since I have also been made the district leader we will have to do divisions, i.e. he will have to come back to our area to be my companion for a day. (that`s twice now I used i.e. in this letter. I hope it means what I think it means...) So I am still here in Loma Hermosa. I`ve already been here six months and now I`ll probably be here for another three since I`m training. That`s a long time in one area. I pretty much know everyone by their first, last, and middle name. But that`s alright. I like it here.

So, I`m a little bit nervous to be a trainer and have more responsiblity. But I`m sure that the Lord will help me; whenever He calls someone to a position He supports them in that calling. It should be a fun transfer. I`ll let you know next week what my companion is like. Hope everyone has a great week. Make sure you serve someone today!

que les vaya bien,
Elder Gardner

Start the country music.

Kind of a long story. Let`s just say it wasn`t me...

This is called asado (the meat on the grill, not the shirtless guy. He`s called Matias). I love it, but meat is expensive and we don`t eat it very often.

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