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Monday, October 24, 2011

Elder Carroll (Loma week 25)

Well, here is the big news. My new companion is Elder Carroll. He is from Mesa, Arizona and arrived in Argentina on Tuesday. As is fairly normal for gringos, he doesn`t understand much that people say, but he can talk pretty well. He has a lot of enthusiasm for the work and is a rather fun kid to be around. It`s been fun to watch him as he gets used to Argentina. Of course, the spanish, but also things like, dogs in the street, people kissing you as a greeting, the food. My favorite part was when we were in a house teaching and the mom of the family started breast feeding her baby. They don`t try to cover themselves up with a blanket or anything here; they just do it. Elder Carroll got rather nervous for a bit. I`ve learned to just ignore it. There are lots of things like that. I`ll try to include some of them in the coming weeks.

Things are rather different now. I got used to being with Latin companions, which means I had almost entirely switched over to spanish in my mind. Now I have to talk english a lot again, which is surprisingly really hard. I also got used to being able to rely that my companion could explain stuff to me if I didn`t understand everything, now I have to understand it or no one does. Also being district leader makes things more interesting. I have a lot less free time in the night because I have to call the elders in my district and see how they are doing and then call the zone leaders and give reports to them. It`s not all that bad, I love all the elders in the district, it just means less time to relax.

As for the missionary work: The father of the family of ten children came to church. The mom slept in the with the kids. We are also helping a family to come back to church so that the dad can baptize his son. They came to church this week and are excited to keep coming. That`s the most exciting part. Things are going pretty good here in The Pretty Bump.

Well, I hope everyone has a great week. Keep up the good work and don`t forget to go to church on Sunday and read the scriptures and pray.

Con amor,
Elder Gardner

1. Me and my `son.` Elder Carroll.

2. I`m not waiting until after thanksgiving. I put up the Christmas decorations already.

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