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Monday, November 14, 2011

¡Bautismo! (Loma Week 28)

Hello everybody!

Well, this was a great week. It really was. The best part was that Hector and Estela got baptized! They are the parents of the family with ten children in it. Their baptism has truely reminded me of the fact that this truely is the Lord`s work and not mine. I didn`t do a thing to prepare these people for baptism. I got a phone call from the mission offices telling me to go visit them, I visited them, asked them to be baptized, and a month and a half later they were baptized. We invited them to stop smoking and they did it with almost no struggle. Pretty much they are the most prepared people to recieve the gospel I have ever met, and they were already prepared the day I met them. God knew it was their time, so He sent us to find them. I am way excited for them. They are awesome. I tried to send pictures but the computer won`t let me. Sorry. Better luck next week.

Another awesome thing of the week was that an inactive member took us to visit a neighboor family. We taught them a little about Joseph Smith and invited them to church. The member lady said she would pick them up and go to church with them. And she did. Only the son of the family went, but he went with the member lady. That was the first time she`s been to church in almost a year. And now she is really excited to take us to meet more of her friends. And the son got the rest of the family really excited to go to church this next Sunday.

So things are going pretty good here. The work is starting to pick up. We have lots of people to teach and are really busy all day every day. I haven`t been this tired in a long time. My legs are sore and I sleep really well at night. It`s great though. I greatly prefer being busy than not having anything to do all day. I love missionary work and am doing great in Buenos Aires.

Hope everyone has a great week! Talk to you next time!

Nos vemos,
Elder Gardner

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