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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Flashes (offices week 6)

Well, this has been an interesting week. There are always things going on...

So Sunday was alright. Most of the people we are teaching didn´t show up to church, but during sacrament meeting (we have it after the classes here) two 25 year old women showed up and sat in the back row next to me. After the meeting I talked to them and it turned that they had been invited by one of the members. He is a taxi driver and on the way to the hospital he showed them the church and invited them, so they came. We got their address and set an appointment for later that day. Turns out that they don´t live in our area, they live in the APs ward, but that´s ok. The APs went and had a really good lesson.

Sunday night I was in charge of calling all of the zone leaders to get the numbers of the weeks since Elder Kelly and Elder Nielsen were busy calling people about a flash. So Monday morning some elders came here to meet their new companions then leave. Tuesday night we had to set up another flash. I don´t know why they happened (it´s not my place to know), but I learned that it really throws a wrench in the missionary work when they happen. Just things like paying rent get messed up because we had to take money of off the elders accounts and put them on the other elders account. It was kind of complicated, but it worked out in the end. Things always keep going forward, no matter what.

Also, on Thursday an elder flew up here from the south. He apparently had scoliosis before the mission but it never developed into anything so the doctors told him not to put it on his mission papers. Well, a couple months into the mission and his back starting hurting really bad. He talked to President and asked if he could go get it checked out by a specialist. Two days later he was hit by a car while crossing the street. Luckily he didn´t break anything from the accident, but it made his bad back even worse. So he flew up here and is spending a little bit with us. On Friday we went to the church doctor and he gave him some drugs. Basically, unless these drugs create a miracle and things get better really fast, he will be going home to get surgery or whatever he needs and probably won´t be coming back. At least not to Argentina, hopefully he will be able to finish the mission state side.

Other than that things have been pretty calm. I got to drive this week because President went down south and left us his car to be able to drive. It is a really nice car. Today in the morning I was driving and there was a bus next to me that apparently wanted to get into my lane and didn´t care that I was already there. Fortunately all it did was nick my side-view mirror, and it didn´t leave any marks. So still no accidents. It´s alright though since President´s car is already really beat up. It has a big scratch on the side from when a motorcycle ran into it and it has duct tape on the bumper from when it was rear ended a week or two ago. The fun adventures in Buenos Aires.

Well, that´s all the fun stories I can think of. We are still preaching the gospel in the night times. It´s going well. This week will be crazy because it is the week before transfers. So much stuff to do... You´ll hear about it next week. Hope everyone has a great week and invites someone to church tomorrow.

Elder Gardner

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