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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bautizar (offices week 11)

So, lots of things happened this week. Let´s start with the best part:

Rocío and Valeria got baptized! It was pretty awesome. They showed up on Saturday and were baptized by an hermano from the ward. It was a really good baptism and afterwards Rocío was all smiles and said she felt really happy. I love seeing people be baptized! Everyone dressed in white and clean from all of their sins, determined to follow Christ more fully in their lives. It`s the best! And then on Sunday they were confirmed members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Legit.

That`s been the most exciting thing as far as teaching the gospel is going. Now we are busy looking for new people to teach. But things in the offices have been crazy. Here`s why:

Last friday we got an email from church headquarters in Salt Lake telling us that missionaries wating for their visas had gotten their visas and would be arriving on Tuesday. So we had to hurry and find places to put them and organize everything for their arrival. President decided to put them in trios with other missionaries instead of trying to move people around to put them all in two person companionships, so it didn`t end up being too hard to get it all worked out. Four arrived on Tuesday; and Monday night we got another email saying that another six missionaries were coming on Friday.

So on Tuesday we went to the mission home to help with the new missionaries. I gave them their credit cards and explained how the money works to them. Then we ate lunch and talked and trained them for a while. It was really fun and a lot different feel from when new missionaries usually come in. Usually they are really lost and confused because it`s their first day, but this time they had already been working in the states for a few weeks and weren`t as shell shocked.

Wednesday and Thursday were full of learning of how to be a financial secretary. The Schoenys are heading down to Tierra del Fuego this week to spend time with family and go sight seeing. So while he is gone I am in charge of all the money. This will be a good test to see if I can handle it or not. I learned a lot in a crash course of a few days. Basically it`s just a lot of book keeping and not losing track of things. Hopefully I can do it.

We also have another elder with us in the offices now. His name is Elder Hill. He is here because he has a bad knee and to help us out with the Schoenys gone. It`s a lot of fun with him here. Unfortanetly his spanish isn`t good enough yet to be able to take over my job. President is having a hard time thinking of a missionary to replace me...

Fun story. While we were picking up Elder Hill we were loading all of his luggage into the car and some guy came up on a bike and started yelling, ¨This is an assault. Get against the wall.¨ He pushed Elder Nielsen against the wall and I decided to follow suit without being pushed. He started asking for money/cell phones and I was trying to think of how to get away without giving him the three cell phones I happened to have in my pocket (Elder Nielsen was more worried about the car keys). I thought it was kind of weird it was one guy trying to rob five elders, but when I looked at him I noticed his hand behind his back which usually means they are hiding a gun (or at least bluffing that they have one). Before I could fully proccess everything and formulate a plan he started laughing and said he was a member of the church that came to say goodbye. Man, I totally fell for it, he looked really mean. Elder Nielsen and I had really high heart beats for a minute afterwards. I`ve been robbed enough times on the mission, I`d rather not have it happen again; especially not when we have so much stuff to steal.

On Friday I decided to stay in the offices and work instead of going to be with the new missionaries. But that plan changed when we learned that a missionary was sick and headed to the emergency room. So I hopped in a taxi with Elder and Sister Castañeda and headed to the hospital. Fortunately, it didn`t turn out to be too serious. He got some pills and we headed back to the offices, one more disaster avoided.

So, that`s all the good stories I have for this week. Hope everyone enjoyed them. I sent some pictures of p-days. Last week we went to a cementary in capital that is famous and today we went to the Boca stadium. It was fun. Hope everyone has a great week and I`ll talk to you next time!

Elder Gardner

Let´s just say the car got in a fight with a gate and lost.

That´s the tomb of some famous guy in some famous cementary. Creeeeeeepy.


A cow. Need I say more...

Baptism of Valeria and Rocío. March 10, 2012

That´s the villa 31. I took this picture as we drove past on the freeway.

Eva Peron.

Caminito. The birth place of Argentine tango.

Inside the Boca Stadium. Let´s go Palermo.

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