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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Conference (offices week 13)

Well, I don´t have a whole bunch of time since we are busy with General Conference and everything. But here are a few good stories:

I went with the senior missionary, Elder Castañeda, to go pick up some mattresses at his house. It´s just a few blocks away and he drove there. It scared me watching him drive, he hit the curb a couple times while turning, so on the way back I drove. It was my first time ever driving a stick shift, but it only took me a few tries to get it moving (apparently it is easier to start the car in first instead of third). The next day I went driving with Elder Nielsen just to practice and now I kind of have the hang of it; not enough to go driving through capital, but enough for around town. To bad driving through capital is just what I had to do...

Elder Hill got his results back from his MRI on Friday (yesterday). So we called the church doctor and he said he wanted to see them. So we had to go on a trip to capital. But Elder Nielsen had to be at President´s house to help with transfers, so it was left to me to get Elder Hill safely to the doctor in capital and back. That´s pretty intense for someone who just learned how to drive the day before. So, we just took a taxi. Sorry if you thought I was going to have a cooler story than that; but I didn´t want to get in an accident. The doctor didn´t really say much, he just told us to get in contact with the doctor that did the original surgery in the states.

That´s all I can think of right now. Things are going good. Transfers are on Monday so we are busy. We found some cool people to teach this week and now are trying to get them to come to conference. So, I got to go to work. Talk to you next week. Make sure you watch conference!

Elder Gardner

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