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Monday, April 18, 2011

Baptisms are stressful (Cazador week 22)

Hola familia y amigos y conocidos,

You know, baptizing is hard. First you got to teach the person the gospel and help them come to church and help them want to get baptized. That´s actually the easy part. The hard part comes the week before the baptism when you have to get everything ready. At least when you do it kind of last minute like we did this past week.

We had been working with a few people that could be baptized, but the only one that was ready was Michael (the 15 year old son of the lady who has to get a divorce). Here were some of the problems in planning the baptism: Apparently he didn't tell his family about his baptism, and we didn't either (totally our fault) until Thursday night. They were all very surprised, but by the next day they were very supportive. We then asked Michael who he wanted to baptize him but only person he wanted to do it declined the night before. The morning of the baptism the family asked to change the baptism to two hours later so that the step father could be there; so we had to call lots of people to change the time. We then had to fill the baptismal font, which took longer than we thought it would so we had to fill up a trash can with water in the bathroom and throw it in the font to fill it in time. Michael and his mom arrived 45 minutes late, but finally they arrived and we started the service and everything went well. Except that they had to do the baptism twice because Michael´s foot came out of the water. So after all that stress Michael was baptized on Saturday and confirmed a member of the church of Jesus Christ on Sunday.

That was the most exciting news of the week. Other notable events: We had zone conference on Wednesday. It was really good and motivational; and I got some letters! Thanks to Natalya, Danielle, and Bridget for the letters. Now the rest of you should write some too ;). We made pancakes twice this week at family home evenings. For some reason they didn't turn out right. When I make them in our apartment they are all nice and fluffy and delicious. But both times this week they turned out flat and rubbery and I don't know why. If anyone has any ideas on why let me know.

That´s all for this week. We are working hard and having lots of fun. I hope everyone is doing well and not having too much fun without me.

Elder Gardner

p.s. New experience of the week: running at 9:15 at night with a blind guy holding on to my shoulder, pans in one hand, a Book of Mormon in the other, and a bag on the other shoulder. It was tiring, but we made it home right at 9:30.

My companion and Michael

Me, my companion, and Michael.
(I gave the camera to a member to take the picture, he didn't do a very good job)

Michael and his family. His mom Silvia holding her 5 month old daughter.
And his step father Rafael, an inactive member.

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