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Monday, April 4, 2011

Divisions (Cazador week 20)

Well, here we are again. Time is flying by as always. This week was busy and I am exhausted! But I feel good. Being busy is the best way to be.

Last week on Sunday our ward mission leader asked if we wanted to do divisions every night this week. We said yes. Divisions means that I go with one member of the ward to one area and my companion goes with another to another area. So every night this week I went with Adrian (the blind man I baptized a few months ago) and Elder Clarke went with Nahuel (a 19 year old who is leaving on a mission in June). It was interesting working with a blind man, I had to pretty much do everything since he couldn't see where we were; that´s probably what it is like training a new missionary. But at least he knows Spanish and has a great testimony and loves to share it with people.

I´m not sure if I told you why he is blind. About five years ago he shot himself in the head trying to kill himself. He used to lead a crazy life. He was telling me stories as we were walking of when he used to do drugs, of some gun fights he was in. He got shot in the foot but he shot someone in the arm. He had some crazy stories. But now he has really changed his life around and is leading a life centered in the teachings of Christ. You can tell that he is a lot happier now, even though he can´t see. God saved his life five years ago and now he is giving him the chance to help others by working with the missionaries.

We´ve got a lot of work to do here. We have two baptisms planned this weekend and two more planned for next weekend. We are working hard to complete families. There a lot of people who get baptized without their children or parents and we are trying to help the whole family be united in the gospel of Christ. General Conference was amazing. I love listening to the prophet´s and apostles´ voices. We got to watch it in English which was nice. The spirit is always strong during Conference. I hope everyone watched it and is trying to follow the prophet´s counsel. If you didn't watch it, go to lds.org and watch it right now. And if you did watch it but aren´t following the counsel, repent.

That´s all for this week. My time is up. I hope everyone is happy and healthy. Talk to you next week.

Elder Gardner

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