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Monday, May 16, 2011

¡Feliz dia de la madre! (Loma week 1)

Well, I have made it through one week as senior companion. It hasn´t been too much of a struggle. The gift of tongues is real. This is the first time I have really needed it and I have definitely felt it. I have understood better and spoken a lot better this week than I did just a week ago when I was still junior companion.

This area is pretty interesting. It is a lot closer to the capital city and is therefor a lot more city like. The streets are all cement and there aren´t really yards are plants. It´s a lot different. The ward, however, is rather similar. There are a lot of inactives and the majority of the members are older people (like mom :)).

It quicly realized that the missionaries before had been doing missionary work in the wrong way. They hadn´t been working all that much with the members. My companion wasn´t even sure where the bishop lived. So we have a lot of work to do here. People to reactivate, members to strengthen, and people to baptize.

The best investigator we have right now is a nine year old son of a less active member. He came to church yesterday with his eleven year old brother but the rest of the family, including the mom, didn´t want to come. So we have work to do with the rest of the family too.

There isn´t much else to say. It was nice being able to talk to and see the family yesterday (even though you couldn´t see me). I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying life.

hasta la proxima semana,
Elder Gardner

We were bored. So we decided to practice our Dragon Ball Z skills.
I got it down pretty good...

It's probably better if I don't explain this one.
But I'm sure no one is too surprised to see it.

My favorite picture with one of my favorite families.
Adrian and Rocío (blind man and wife) and Alex (the kid).
This is the view from the lady we taught who lives next to the river. It is awesome.

¡Viva la Argentina!

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