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Monday, May 2, 2011

Last Week (Cazador Week 24)

Well, for those of you who pay attention and know how the mission works should know that today is transfers day. And you might have been able to tell from the title of the email that I was transferred. But I will tell you the details at the end, for now I will tell you what happened my last week in El Cazador.

Last p-day we went to the church´s field to play soccer and football with the other elders in the zone. It was really fun but kind of far away so we got back late and didn't have much time to write emails and go shopping. The rest of the week wasn´t all that exciting, lots of walking, as always. Here are the two highlights:

On Friday we went with Adrian and RocĂ­o (the blind man and his wife) to go visit some of their family members that live far away, off the map. They live next to a river and it was a good 15 minutes in bus to get there, but they live within our area limits. One of them lived literally on the bank of the river, we sat in her backyard about two feet away from the river as we taught. It was awesome. We taught two families that are both really nice and interested in learning more of the gospel. The only problem is that they live kind of far away.

Then on Sunday we went to the despedida (farewell meeting) for Elder Southern, my last companion. We took Silvia and Tatiana with us because they wanted to say goodbye. We left two hours before it started thinking we had plenty of time to arrive at the mission offices. After getting off the bus, wandering around a city we don´t know, and then taking a taxi, we got there about 45 minutes after it started. And then we had to be back home before nine so after waiting at the bus stop for 20 minutes Elder Clarke and I left Silvia and Tatiana and we ran to go find a taxi to take us home. It was a crazy night but we made it home safely and then waited for the phone call to tell us about transfers.

The phone call came and here is what happened. Elder Clarke is staying in El Cazador and he is going to train a new elder and be district leader. I got sent to a place called Loma Hermosa, with means Beautiful Bump. The also told me that I will be senior companion, which made me a little nervous, especially since my companion´s name is clearly a gringo, Elder Rose. I´m not sure I´m ready to take charge, but the Lord called me to do it so that is what I will do.

Right now I am in my new area. It is in the province of Buenos Aires. It seems like a bigger city than my last area but nowhere like capital. My companion is Elder Rose from Salt Lake City. This is his second transfer, which means he has only been in Argentina for a month and a half. Which means he doesn´t know Spanish all that well yet. He actually talks pretty well (a whole lot better than I did at that point) but I am still nervous. I have always had companions that knew Spanish better than me. This means I am really going to have to step it up and take the lead in the lessons and in talking to people. It´s a little scary but with God all things are possible.

I don´t know much about the area yet. I´ll know more next week. That´s all for today. Hope everyone has a great week!

les amo,
Elder Gardner

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