Elder Gardner

Elder Gardner will enter the MTC on Wednesday, June 23rd. We will keep this blog up-dated every week with his letters and pictures. If you would like to write to Elder Gardner, please click on the "write a letter" link on the right hand side for directions and his address. If you don't know much about Mormon Missions read the "about missions" page to learn more; it may help you understand some confusing terms in the letters.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


You asked for pictures for the plaque/plack/plak/plaq... how in the world do you spell that?!? Anyway, while my comp was talking to his family I took lots of pictures. I'll send you lots to see which you like best. For some reason they are slightly fuzzy, sorry bout that.

Bryan said I had to do funny ones. I hope these are good enough for him. It would be funny if you put one of these on my plaque. It doesn't matter to me, do what you feel is best.

That picture was an accident. The camera went off to soon.

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